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Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash (23.6 fl. oz., 3 pk.)

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Transform your daily shower time into a luxurious, spa-like experience and awaken your senses with Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash. This 3-pack contains: 1 Olay Fresh Outlast Orchid & Black Currant Body Wash 23.6fl oz, 1 Olay Fresh Outlast White Strawberry & Mint Body Wash 23.6 fl oz and 1 Olay Fresh Outlast Birch Water & Lavender Body Wash 23.6 fl oz. With three delightful scents, your shower time will feel like a refreshing oasis. This refreshing body wash is designed to work with your skin’s natural pH. It also contains mild cleansers that allow you to cleanse and refresh skin better than regular soap. Now formulated with Olay’s Vitamin B3 Complex and pampering scents, Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash hydrates skin better than regular soap to leave you feeling refreshed. The body wash wraps your skin in a craveable fragrance and leaves you feeling refreshed. Indulge in the refreshing, scent-sational body wash daily to delight your senses every time you shower while hydrating your skin better than regular soap. This decadent body wash is backed by over 60 years of beauty science and is both paraben-free and aluminum-free. This 3-pack of Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash will enhance your body care routine and keep skin hydrated.

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