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Hostess Red, White, & Blue Twinkies and Star Spangled DingDongs (42 Ounce)

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Hostess is ready to help you celebrate America with Star Spangled DingDongs and Red, White, And Blue Twinkies! Available for a limited time starting in mid-May to the 4th of July, there has never been a more delicious way to show love for your country. First up is a patriotic spin on one of America’s most iconic snacks, Twinkies. Red, White, And Blue Twinkies are truly unique because they have golden sponge cake with red and blue sprinkles baked right into the batter. They are also filled with the Hostess’ signature creme filling. Each bite is a delightful combination of delicious cake and sweet crème filling. Next up is Star Spangled DingDongs. Each DingDong is made with delicious golden cake, creme filling, and get ready to see fireworks, because they are enrobed with white fudge and topped with festive red and blue sprinkles. These snack cakes will have you seeing stars and stripes! So, skip preheating the oven this summer because these patriotic snack cakes from Hostess are individually wrapped and are ready to eat. This variety pack comes with 32 cakes which makes them perfect for snacking or sharing. You can pack them for a picnic, serve them at a barbecue, or enjoy them while watching fireworks. Pick up a variety pack today and celebrate with sweet treats from Hostess.

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