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HERSHEY'S Chocolate Syrup, Fat Free, 48 oz, Bottle

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Genuine chocolate flavor packed into a classic bottle of HERSHEY'S chocolate syrup can do no wrong. Want to add it to your milk, hot cocoa and coffee, or drizzle it over your brownies and cakes, or use it to make chocolate floats and sundaes? No matter what you're making or who is at your gathering, pop open the lid, then squeeze, swirl, dot, melt or drizzle the syrup onto some of your favorite drinks and desserts. Squeeze the syrup onto your ice cream sundaes as a tasty topping, use it to dip apple slices, pretzels and marshmallows or stir it into a cold glass of milk chocolaty milk mustaches, anyone? Do you need a little sweetness in your midday coffee, some extra goodness in your hot cocoa or a chocolate drizzle over your dessert? Enjoy the sweet, savory and delicious taste of chocolate syrup on everything from cakes to cookies. Put all your creative vibes down on the counter and start designing edible crafts too. HERSHEY'S chocolate syrup makes great holiday gifts for the bakers in your family, and it can help one-up your baking recipes. Once you're finished, place the bottle in the refrigerator to keep the syrup fresh.

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