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Classic Roast Ground Coffee Packets (1.2 oz., 42 ct.)

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Enjoy the smooth flavor and rich aroma of your favorite coffee with greater ease than ever with Classic Roast® Ground Coffee Packets (1.2 oz., 42 ct.). These single-serve packets are made for a standard drip coffee machine and are pre-measured to help you make the perfect pot of coffee every time.About Classic Roast Ground Coffee PacketsThis box contains 42 packets of Classic Roast ground coffee. Each is pre-measured for convenience and is the perfect amount for a standard 8-to-ten cup-sized pot of coffee. is one of the nation's favorite coffee brands. Its signature blend, the Classic Roast, offers the perfect medium roast with a smooth taste and irresistible aroma. makes its signature blend from the richest Mountain Grown Beans that are finely ground and packaged to seal in freshness.Are These Coffee Filter Packets Convenient?Yes! No more guessing the amount of ground coffee needed to make a pot. Simply place a filter in the basket, open a coffee packet, pour it in, and flip the button to start the brewing process. In just minutes, you will have a fresh, delicious Classic Roast.Who Needs These Classic Roast Ground Coffee Packets?Love the flavor of but find yourself short on time? Keep a box of these Classic Roast Ground Coffee Packets on hand to help you start your morning! Stock your workplace to cut down on the mess and uneven quality of office coffee.Specifications :Medium roastMade from Mountain Grown beansFinely ground coffeePre-measured coffee eliminates guesswork1 pack = 1 pot = 8-10 cupsKosher

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