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Always Ultra Thin Size 4 Overnight Pads With Wings, Unscented 80 Count .

Sale price$23.70
Provides 45% larger back to help stop leaks at night* (*vs. ALWAYS Ultra Thin Regular With Wings) . LeakGuard Core absorbs in seconds for up to 10 hours of protection . ALWAYS Ultra Thin, Size 4, Overnight Pads With Wings have a flexible design for ALWAYS' best nighttime protection . Use the sizing chart in the images to find your fit; step up in size to help stop leaks . Rest easy with up to 100% leak-free comfort from the completely reinvented Always* Ultra Overnight pads. Reinvented from the inside out, the pads feature advanced 3X Protection System to give you a worry-free night’s sleep, while RapidDRY works to wick away gushes in seconds and absorbs two times faster than the leading store brand. Plus, the pads’ LeakGUARD core locks in leaks for long-lasting protection, while OdorLOCK neutralizes odors to help you feel fresh and clean throughout the night. Always Overnight Size 4 Pads Unscented with Wings provide a 45% back**, so you’re protected no matter how you sleep. Sleep tight with Always Ultra Thin Pads. *vs. previous Always Ultra **vs. Always Ultra Thin Regular with Wings . Are you getting the right protection from your pad? Did you know that 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad? Using the wrong pad size can lead to leaks. Step up in size to help stop leaks. Now you can find your fit with Always My Fit, a tailored sizing system to help you find the best protection based on both your flow AND panty size. Use the sizing chart in the images to find your fit for day and night. For daytime protection, Always Ultra Thin, Size 5, Super Pads With Flexi-Wings give you 15% better coverage where you need it most* with a flexible design that moves with you, plus a LeakGuard Core that absorbs in seconds for up to 9 hours of protection. *vs. Always Ultra Thin Regular With Flexi-Wings . Size 4, 80 ct. ALWAYS My Fit helps you get the best protection by tailoring your pad to fit your flow AND panty size. Use the sizing chart in the images to find your fit. ALWAYS provides puberty education and pads to millions of girls around the world to help them stay confident .

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