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2xExtra Winterfresh Sugar-Free Gum (15 ct., 12 pks.)

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2xExtra Winterfresh Sugar-Free Gum (15 ct., 12 pks.)About this itemSugar-free and has only 5 calories a stickLong-lasting bold mint flavor12 packs of 15 sticks apieceA great choice for resale in convenience stores, concession stands and fundraisersDescriptionExtra® Winterfresh Sugar-Free Gum (15 ct., 12 pks.) delivers a cool blast of icy mint flavor. This Winterfresh gum freshens your breath with long-lasting, bold flavor at only 5 calories a stick. One pack has 15 pieces making it the perfect size to share with friends.Who Makes Extra Winterfresh Sugar-Free Gum?Extra Winterfresh gum is made by Wrigley's, a company that's been going strong in the gum business since the 1890s. The brand evolved and in 1984, nearly a century later, released the Extra chewing gum line as the first sugar-free gum with a flavor that's bold and really goes the distance. After it hit the market, Extra chewing gum quickly became the number one selling sugar-free gum in the world. As the brand grew, more Extra gum flavors were added. Winterfresh was introduced in 1988. What makes Winterfresh gum so popular is the unique mint flavor. While peppermint has a bit of spice and spearmint a bit of sweetness, Winterfresh has a flavor all its own and leaves your mouth feeling cool and fresh.Who Should Buy Extra Winterfresh Sugar-Free Gum?Anyone who wants a minty, sugar-free gum with a flavor that lasts and lasts. Each stick has only 5 calories so you can chew away without any guilt. There are 15 sticks in a pack which is plenty to share or just keep the cool minty flavor all to yourself. Give Extra, Get Extra with More Ways to ShareThis large multi-pack of Extra Winterfresh gum has 12 packs of 15 sticks each, all labeled for resale. It's ideal for stocking the candy shelves at a convenience store, raising money for fundraisers or concession stands and even as a nice treat in the breakroom for your coworkers as a surprise pick-me-up during the day. Or, keep a pack in your car, one in your bag, and one in your desk so you can get a cool burst of mint anytime.Specifications12 packs - 15 sticks in each- Pack of 2Individually wrapped packs of gum

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